Rules and Regulations

The first-place team must have Yoroi Wallet to receive ADA and if the underaged team comes in second place, they must have wallet to receive ZIL. The host is willing to help if assistance is needed.

The team will be disqualified if NOT showed up by the division lottery drawing time (2:30 PM)

 Be on time when scheduled to plays. The team is disqualified after 5 minutes late.

 Husband/Wife or Boyfriend/Girlfriend teammates. Exception: Sean and Rina!!

The teams will be placed in ranking and division (A and B) with lottery drawings.

The highest-ranking team will play against the lowest-ranking team.

Each team will play three games, only the top two teams from each division will advance to the semi-final.

A winner from each division (A and B) will be in Championship game.

Every point will count toward the final score for the division seating.

Tie-breaker will play one game up to eleven.